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Order Maple Syrup

This is the maple syrup your pancakes have been dreaming of! Our syrup is made from sap collected from our own sugar bush, then boiled over a wood stove the old-fashioned way. Rich, delicious, local, and so much better than the grocery store!


Syrup Colors and Grades

Our Grade A syrup comes in several different colors, all of which have their own distinct flavors.

Golden syrup is the lightest color, and has a delicate, almost vanilla-like flavor. Delicious poured over pancakes or vanilla ice cream (Not available in 2021.)

Amber syrup has a medium color and rich flavor. This color is great on pancakes and other preparations where the syrup is the star. This is the color most often sold in grocery stores.

Dark syrup has a richer, more pronounced maple flavor. Equally good poured over pancakes or stirred into your morning coffee. The stronger maple flavor can compete with other strong flavors. This is Ellen's favorite flavor!

Very Dark has the strongest and most "roasty" flavor. Great for flavoring baked goods, coffee, and milkshakes. We use this grade to make maple flavored icing for cupcakes and cinnamon rolls. Serious maple lovers might enjoy this grade over pancakes, but it may be too strong for some.

Maple Syrup Bottles

Left to Right: Quart bottle with flip top lid (dark), 12 oz oval bottle (dark), 12 oz oval bottle (amber), 1.75 oz maple leaf bottle (dark).

Bottle Sizes

This year we are offering three different glass bottle sizes:

1.75-oz maple leaf: Adorable miniature bottles in the shape of a maple leaf. Great for gifts!

12-oz: Attractive flat oval bottle with metal cap.

Quart: Large bottle for the serious maple consumers! Comes with a flip-top pour cap for easy pancake dousing - or drinking it straight out of the bottle!

How does ordering work?

To order, please fill out the form below. After we receive your form, we will assemble your order and email you a Paypal invoice. Once your invoice is paid, we will mail your shipment or contact you to coordinate a pickup time.

​Local Pickup: If you are local, you can set up a time to pick up your syrup from our farm stand. Choose "Local Pickup" in the delivery menu, and we will contact you to coordinate a time. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Shipping: We ship syrup orders in USPS flat rate boxes. Shipping costs are listed in parentheses below, and are in addition to the cost of your syrup. After your order is received, we will pack your shipment and contact you to let you know which box is needed. Estimates of how many bottles will fit in each box size are below. Note that if you order a mix of bottles, a different size box may be required.

Small Box ($7.90): Holds one 12-oz bottle or two 1.75-ounce maple leaf bottles.

Medium Box ($15.50): Holds up to five 12-oz bottles or two quart bottles.

Large Box ($21.90): Holds up to three quart bottles.

Ventura Buying Club: If you live in Ventura, CA, you can save on shipping costs by including your syrup order in a bulk shipment. Choose "Ventura Buying Club" in the delivery menu. We will contact you with an estimated shipping date and pickup instructions. Shipping is free for buying club orders, but please note that this shipment will not be sent until May. If you would like your order sooner, you can pay to have yours shipped directly.

Any other questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at

Maple orders are closed for 2021!
Thank you!

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